current control of knowledge, distance learning, Google Forms, medical and biological physics, mobile learning, motivation.


Training medical specialists is an urgent issue for the overall development of a social and legal state. The purpose of the article is to determine the quality methods of teaching medical and biological physics, in particular, the use of the latest technologies for the current assessment of students’ knowledge during practical, laboratory and seminar classes. The relevance and feasibility of using mobile learning tools are analyzed, taking into account the modern requirements of the educational process, when the teacher must be ready to conduct classes even in extreme conditions, when all participants in the educational process cannot gather in a predetermined place. The work is devoted to reviewing tests created in Google Forms for regular and systematic checking of future doctors' progress in the discipline of Medical and Biological Physics in face-to-face and distance learning. The experimental and scientific base of the study is the Bogomolets National Medical University. The created tasks were tested on students pursuing higher medical education at the Faculties of Medicine, Dentistry and Medical-Psychological Faculty. The convenience of using mobile phones and tablet personal computers to check the current performance of students motivates teachers to self-education and improve their pedagogical skills. The results obtained can be useful both for the teacher in preparing for classes with students and for higher education students, who will have a realistic assessment and, if necessary, will be able to adjust their educational work to improve their academic achievements.



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