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Submission Preparation Checklist

As part of the submission process, authors are required to check off their submission's compliance with all of the following items, and submissions may be returned to authors that do not adhere to these guidelines.
  • I confirm that the submitted article satisfies all the requirements for submission
  • Confirm that the manuscript has been created by the author(s) and not an AI tool/Large Language Model (LLM). If an AI tool/LLM has been used to develop or generate any portion of the manuscript, then this must be clearly flagged in the Methods and Acknowledgements.

Author Guidelines

Author Guidelines

General requirements for article submission


Page format: A4, portrait layout

Text font: Times New Roman, 14 pt.

Paragraph indention: 10 mm.

Page margins: left – 20 mm, right – 10 mm, top – 20 mm, bottom – 20 mm.

Publication length – 4,000 -- 6,000 words.

Language of the article: Ukrainian or English


Use of signs and symbols












nonbreaking spaces between initials


Ctrl + Shift + Space


The structural elements of article

UDC (left alignment)


Author’s First Name, Last Name, Times New Roman Bold

ORCID iD (personal code, which may be obtained by filling in the form at the link:

Author’s personal data (academic degree, academic title, place of work in full: position, academic chair (department, laboratory), faculty (institute), higher education institution (scientific institution), institution’s full address: street, house number, ZIP code, city, country; author's e-mail.

All information about the author is provided with left alignment


Article Heading must be short and clear (Times New Roman Bold, capital letters, center alignment)


The abstract (1500–1800 characters) must contain goals, methods, research results, conclusions without structuring according to such parameters.

Keywords (5–7 keywords separated by semicolons), italics


© copyright sign, Last Name, First Name, year


The structure of article must meet the international scientific requirements and include the following:

Introduction, shall include the relevance and importance of the research and analysis of the recent research and publications for 5-10 years).

Goal and Tasks of Research

Research Methods: must contain qualitative methods; experiment participants; study procedure; data collection and processing means. The methodology should be described clear and intelligibly so that the other scientists can use it while conducting the similar research.

Results (research results can be set out with subheadings). It is preferable to submit the results with tables, charts, graphs, pictures to present the research results as fully as possible. However, duplication of infographics with text is not allowed.

Discussion (comparison of the author’s research results with the previous studies, in particular with those analysed in the review of scientific literature in the Introduction, indicating the new obtained results). Research limitations should be noted (if any).

Conclusions (generalization of the research key points that correspond to the goals and objectives).

Prospects for Further Research (new methods of explanation, future research directions).


References shall be formatted according to the APA style 7. Presentation materials APA. (Bibliographic Manager End Note. All sources in Cyrillic must be transliterated (please, use the online service, and translated in English [in square brackets].


The list of used literature. You should cite not less than 20 sources (80% with DOI). 50% of articles in reputable journals indexed in Web of Science and/or Scopus. Ukrainian sources not exceed 30%. The list of cited references must be drawn up in accordance with the State Standards of Ukraine DSTU 8302:2015. Presentation materials DSTU 8302:2015.


Article Heading, Author’s Last Name, First Name, information concerning the author, Abstract, Keywords – in Ukrainian.

Requirements for the structural elements of the article


References in the text. The in-text references shall be in APA Style, be executed in parentheses, which shall contain the author’s name, year of publication and referred page. For example: (Yakovlieva, 2010, p. 14).


Tables, pictures, and other non-text objects shall be placed in the middle of the text. They must be numbered and named/ annotated. The pictures shall be named/ annotated in the center under the picture (Picture 1. Name); table’s number shall be above it, the right alignment (Table 1), table’s name shall be above it in the center, bold.

Privacy Statement

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