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The influence of the official imperial ideology on the forming of the alienation from national roots is observed in
the article; it is emphasized the need to train teachers who will be able to organize and implement aesthetic education;
it is examined the educator influence of art on forming of public consciousness, ideological-moral norms and
persuasions of personality.
Aesthetic education in modern conditions acquires the objective content and functions:
–– to harmonize social and interpersonal relationships;
–– to facilitate public consensus;
–– to promote the spiritual organization of the creative forces of society and every individual.
The aim it to recovery from recession and creating the potential for the sustainable development of our society. In
the national complex program of aesthetic education it is emphasizes the importance of art as the powerful catalyst
for intellectual and creative abilities of mankind in the system of aesthetic education.
It is emphasized the need for programming of the integrity impact of the aesthetic education by means of fine art,
architecture and cultural monuments, natural and cultural historical environment in the spirit of national aesthetic


artistically-aesthetic education; fine art; personality; socialization.


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