• O. Voliarska


unemployed, state employment service, adult education, professional activity, vocational training.


The paper considers the features vocational learning of the unemployed in the state employment service of
Ukraine. Characteristics of modern adult education. The modern adult education, is characterized by interaction with
the environment, the internal factors in self-organization, promotes the emergence of educational subsystems and has
a conditions for the development of vocational education.
The vocational learning for adults realizes subject to their interests and requests, life and professional experience,
in the forms of partner’s cooperation of all actors of the educational process. The vocational adult learning is pointed
at providing of the common learning process; getting knowledge, skills, abilities; gaining the necessary competencies
in joint activities in a simulated reality that provides a high level of motivation to study, in which the participants for
themselves find a field to use the acquired experience.
The contemporary adult education is characterized by interactions with the environment are the factor of internal
self-organization, promote the self-organization, its subsystems and a condition for the evolution of the education system.
The vocational learning for unemployed gives the experience of establishing contacts, interdependent ideological
and conceptual relations with the world (culture, nature), people and a person himself is the experience of dialogic
cognitive activity, social communicative relationships and self cognition.
The vocational learning for unemployed careers and occupations that are in demand in the labour market is one
of the areas of active employment policy pursued by the State Employment Service of Ukraine. Unemployed, seeking
employment in the civil service, specialists assisted in the selection of suitable employment, employment support,
involvement in community service, referral to training, retraining and in accordance with the needs of employers and
the requirements of the modern labour market.


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