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One of the conditions for successful functioning of any higher educational institution is enrollment of students, considering that availability of students demonstrates the high quality of education offered by the universities to their enrollees. According to official statistics, Ukraine has 803 institutions of I-IVth accreditation levels, 325 higher educational institutions of which are of III-IVth accreditation levels. Studies admission to higher educational institutions is based on a competitive basis according to the Conditions of admission to the higher educational institutions approved by the central executive authority in the field of education and science. University admission processes in Ukraine are characterized by annual changes in the rules and have their own characteristics. Today the use of Integrated electronic government database on education for all higher educational institutions of Ukraine and Konkurs electronic information system are traditional The article analyses the dynamics of the admission processes in 2012-2015 for Educational and professional program for Bachelor’s training of full-time studies in the field of 6.030601 «Management» at agricultural universities in Ukraine based on Konkurs information system. According to the author the admission processes are characterized by a number of criteria, among which are licensed quota, the number of state demand, the number of request for admission submitted by enrollees and the number of enrolled students. Also their quantitative characteristics are defined. It was concluded that over the reporting period the socio-economic situation in Ukraine led to the deterioration of many state indicators, this trend did not pass agrarian educational sector of Ukraine as well. There have been negative trends in the number of licensed quota in the field of «Management» with simultaneous reduction of public funding quota. The author supposes that the decrease of these indicators in dynamics indicates the reduction of social responsibility of the state to society As a result in 2012-2015. the number of students of full-time studies with Bachelor qualification level in the field of 6.030601 «Management» significantly reduced.


admission process; educational and qualification level; full-time studies; higher agrarian educational institution; management; specialty.


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